“As one of the largest buyers of energy in the uk we like to keep appraised of the bigger picture”

The ever-expanding issues surrounding global warming and the government emissions targets means our clients are looking to us for more ‘green’ energy sources. We have made a huge impact in changing perceptions and reducing the carbon footprint of our customers by sourcing renewable ‘green’ only fuel types wherever possible.

Our commitment to ensuring we consider the environment stretches beyond the work we do for our customers.  

Carbon offsetting

For our own part, we make a net positive environmental contribution by planting oak trees to offset our own emissions. This initiative has resulted in over 5,000 tonnes of carbon being offset to date, meaning that we’ve offset more emissions that our total employees will have generated in their entire lifetime.

Logical Utilities work in partnership with EFORESTS, an organisation that help us to offset our carbon emissions, by planting an Oak tree for every electricity or gas meter we put into contract. Visit for more information.


Sustainability through technology

Improving operational efficiency and keeping track of your business’ energy consumption is tough without having access to real-time consumption information right down to individual equipment. Logical Utilities have invested in technology that can work with your business, monitoring your usage and provide you with live usage data. Our technology, EnergyPulse TM, can transmit real-time data from your energy-using equipment to our analytics platform. The data collected can help you to optimise your energy consumption and performance whatever industry you are operating in.

Get in touch if you’d like to discuss how EnergyPulse TM can help your business reduce its carbon footprint.


We are Agents of Change

Founded in 2009 we have become the UK market leaders in energy consulting and support services specialising in multi-site and large commercial business sectors. We operate in a highly fragmented market where most providers concentrate on what they do and how they do it. Our success is attributed to our focus on “why” we do what we do; we challenge the status quo in the energy market. We believe we can improve a clients’ bottom line whilst removing highly complex tasks associated with energy from within their facilities and finance departments, and we are driven by sharing in this success.

“We consider the structure of the energy market to be illogical”

We have become standard bearers for a more logical and transparent approach. Logic is applied in everything we do and remains the backbone of our success. We have attracted and grown a specialist team of ethic­al, and talented industry professionals motivated by achieving fantastic results for some amazing customers and pushing the boundaries of what is perceived possible. ​

We are Pioneers in Utilities Bureau Support Services. Make your next choice Logical.