Industry Sectors

From retail high street boutiques to large blue-chip corporations, The Logical Utilities Company’s extensive portfolio contains an abundance of well-known brands.

With The Logical Utilities Company on your side, your business will be in a position to negotiate contracts from a seat of confidence and strength.

We take our customers’ privacy seriously. This page includes real examples of the work we have done for our customers within a range of industry sectors. However, to honour their privacy we have not disclosed details of the business’ discussed within the case studies below.

Property Management

Our structured, step-by-step approach to the energy procurement process, invoice validation and dispute handling has provided a unique partnership with one of the top corporate business’ in the UK, with 500+ stores across the country. 

We were selected to manage their portfolio from the procurement process right down to bill validation and reporting. Our team of experts provide detailed expenditure analysis by store, region and product type, dispute resolution, credit management and the administration of a significant amount of change of tenancy agreements, totalling to around 60+ per year. 

Our procurement and bureau services package has brought this client savings of over 11% annually.


Developing and combining a set of complex strategies into one valuable package took careful planning and a meticulous approach. We overhauled this customers’ energy procurement procedure, bill validation and reporting architecture, which we implemented across their total property portfolio of over 100 sites.

A combination of a detailed procurement strategy, inclusion in our consortium, TECC®, installation of EnergyPulseTM to monitor usage, and a total portfolio management solution package has yielded over 9% annual savings on their energy expenditure across their entire portfolio.

Schools and Universities

What makes us different from other TPI’s is that our focus on challenging the status quo and putting our customers’ business at the forefront of our blueprint.

Our client was faced with significant increases in their energy expenditure, having historically been fixed into a long-term contract and coming out of it when the energy market was at an all-time high. We have worked with this customer for over 10 years, and as a result, our client has gained a monumental amount of trust and contentment with our consultancy services. With an understanding them business we were able to negotiate a new way of buying energy for them by placing them on a hybrid contract as opposed to a fixed one, meaning they are confidently making savings when compared to an equivalent fixed contract.

As an extra benefit and a new way to make savings on usage, we rolled them out onto our online portal, Eos®, to monitor energy consumption with a focus on boarding houses. We introduced an element of competition between the houses, incentivising the students to be mindful of their energy consumption.

Sports and Leisure

Understanding this clients’ business KPI’s helped us to evaluate their usage expenditure, revealing areas where costs savings can be made.

After preparing a complete risk management and budgeting strategy, advising and implementing behavioural changes with day and night stadium lighting, and the inclusion in our consortium, TECC®, we saved this well-known club over 12% off their energy contract rates, and over 18% off their total annual consumption.

Luxury Brands

Our continued service working with a London-based, high-end retail boutique has saved them over 16% on their annual spend.

Despite being a low usage small retail boutique in London, this customer holds an exceptionally strong balance sheet, which had been under-utilised in the past. We recognised their tenacious financial position and took advantage of it by placing this customer into our TECC® basket and applying our procurement process. This gave them a stronger position than going directly to the market themselves and brought valuable reductions in their annual energy spend.


A superior and complex procurement and bureau services strategy was key to bringing cost savings and bill validation transparency to this customers’ business.

We conducted a consolidation project of this customers’ water supply across their entire portfolio resulting in a reduction of wholesale suppliers from 25, with a mixture of monthly, quarterly, and bi-annual billing periods, to one main provider. Taking advantage of the recently de-regulated water industry meant that savings were made of over 12% annually. As well as this, we were able to deliver 22% combined savings on expenditure of gas and electricity costs by organising a complex procurement strategy and change of tenancy project, moving all sites to one main supplier.

Automotive and Aeronautical

By stepping through our complex planning and strategy phase, we acquired a full understanding of our clients’ business. With this accomplished perspective, we were able to agree contracts, overturn a significant security deposit and place them onto a risk managed flexible contract. 

With our expertise and strong relationships with suppliers at our customers’ side, we were able to deliver a 100% custom energy procurement package and passed on a total of 16% savings off their annual energy expenditure.


One of the many challenges for us as utilities consultants, is the alignment of your business’ energy contract so that it adheres to your KPI’s. We were selected to manage this clients’ procurement process with an important key performance indicator in-mind: this manufacturing company required assurance that the energy we procured came from green energy sources. 

With this acumen, we applied our procurement and risk management strategy and agreed a hybrid contract with a green energy supplier, saving our customer 8.5% against an equivalent fixed energy contract.

Hotels and Restaurants

Our client sought a professional energy consultancy to re-think, re-build, and revitalize every facet of their procurement and validation process. We encompassed a detailed procurement and risk management strategy, along with full validation and reporting services to deliver a complete energy package across this customers’ portfolio of 179 national pubs and hotels. 

As part of our tendering and portfolio management strategy, this client was introduced to our TECC® basket and submitted onto our customer portal, Eos®, where they can access their entire portfolio’s sites, meter details and invoice validation and measure their set forecasts against actual expenditure.

Our procurement strategy and total portfolio management solutions for this customer brought a total or 9% annual.

Breweries and Pubs

We believe a structured and established approach to energy procurement and portfolio management is the key to success.

Our customers’ portfolio includes over 200 pubs that were assigned to numerous suppliers with varying contract end dates. The first task was to streamline the portfolio and align all locations to a common contract end date. Our structured approach included appointing a single supplier and working to ensure all objections were dealt with immediately, making sure all proposed contract start dates were met.

Utilising the strength of TECC®, we also achieved an overall annual saving of 8% for our client.


This customer understood the complexities of a utilities procurement process and how the energy industry can be a minefield. They chose us with the knowledge that we would provide the strategy, execution, support, and ongoing consulting to create a custom procurement and invoice validation strategy for their extensive portfolio. 

We made a significant reduction of this organisations’ energy expenditure when compared to them going directly to the energy market themselves. One of the key requirements for this customer was to have direct access to a central energy portal which would include live property and billing data, with the ability to create bespoke reports from historical and current information. 

Our technology, Eos®, provided this customer such services where numerous stakeholders can access the portal remotely obtaining everything they require with ease.

Financial Services

One of our many attributes as a leading energy consultant is that we work diligently with our customers and suppliers to convey excellence.

We consider our clients’ financial commitments and business method as much as we do our own, enabling us to negotiate contracts with suppliers from a seat of confidence and strength. These attributes attracted a top financial service provider who procured us to manage their energy acquisition process. With a full and comprehensive understanding this customers’ goals, we negotiated a contract with inclusion in our consortium, TECC®, resulting in a significant reduction of energy costs of over 10% annually.

We are Agents of Change

Founded in 2009 we have become the UK market leaders in energy consulting and support services specialising in multi-site and large commercial business sectors. We operate in a highly fragmented market where most providers concentrate on what they do and how they do it. Our success is attributed to our focus on “why” we do what we do; we challenge the status quo in the energy market. We believe we can improve a clients’ bottom line whilst removing highly complex tasks associated with energy from within their facilities and finance departments, and we are driven by sharing in this success.

“We consider the structure of the energy market to be illogical”

We have become standard bearers for a more logical and transparent approach. Logic is applied in everything we do and remains the backbone of our success. We have attracted and grown a specialist team of ethic­al, and talented industry professionals motivated by achieving fantastic results for some amazing customers and pushing the boundaries of what is perceived possible. ​

We are Pioneers in Utilities Bureau Support Services. Make your next choice Logical.